First blog post

Posting on here for the first time is quite different as I have never written a blog and I’m just taking it as if I were writing in my own diary really. I am interested to read information and others opinions on ICT’s and how this can be in implemented within my learning sector of early childhood. I believe that ICT is a major aspect in todays society not just with children but with everyone as technology itself alters day to day. It is the “norm” that everyone has access to different types of ICT’s and to also find a toddler being able to use a smart phone! 😛 I’m hoping to take away new pedagogical approaches that will assist with children’s learning and development through this course.

Katlynn 🙂



My ICT Mind frame

My mind fame was limited in the beginning of studying this course and this was due to not understanding the full potential ICT has on learning, and also when I thought about ICT I automatically thought of a screen. While being on placement and through course content, I have come to understand the different ways ICT can be incorporated including the range of tools used in the classroom to enhance learning. The learning experiences they students were involved with kept the them effectively engaged throughout. When using ICT this amplified their learning enabling the students to transform their knowledge and skills. They demonstrated this positively in both formative and summative assessments.

I feel I have an emergent mind frame and one that will continue to change and adapt through my studies and teaching. I have the opportunity to transform a student’s knowledge through ICT and to assist them with achieving their learning outcomes which is what I aim to do in the future.


ICT in Prep

I have created another concept map to demonstrate a more in-depth explanation of the ICT I used while being on prac. With having a prep class I was very considerate at their developmental level but I found myself being shocked at what the students could do using the different tools. If it was something new they have never seen or used then I expected there to be more teaching and scaffolding done around the tool in order for them to grasp and understand how to utilize it. NO!!!! The students needed little demonstration and scaffolding surrounding the ICT software and devices which was amazing!

The concept map has altered from the first one I posted as this one is explaining more how and what I used each of the tools for.


Final days on Prac

I am in my final week of placement and I have really enjoyed myself. I am due to finish my degree after the summer semester and this placement has been the best one. I have used ICT almost everyday and one tool I found extremely effective was the Bee bots! The students loved them as they coded different pathways to engage with high frequency words. These are another resource I wish to implement into my kindergarten room when I return back to work.

I feel I have achieved through this placement not only by implementing ICT but also  my teaching strategies and methods on how I have instructed and guided the students through the learning. I have received such positive and constructive feedback from my mentor which has given me encouragement and justification that I can do this. My ICT lessons worked well  incorporating the interactive white board, cameras, computers, printers and the bee bots. These tools demonstrated that the students were continually engaged whether they were developing their learning outcomes or achieving them, they were persistent and involved which made the lessons easier to manage.

3 more days left of my final prac to go!

It Worked!

Over the past 2 weeks while on prac I have taught 1-2 lessons a day here and there but all this week it’s my turn to plan and teach every lesson in the prep class and I have loved every minute of it so far! I have made my lesson plans around what the students are currently learning and I have tried to fit them in without too much disruption to the students daily routine. As part of our assignment 3 we are required to create a website which is used to transform the students knowledge by using ICT from the unit plan we created in assignment 2. Within English the students have been exploring word families and same end sounds. This couldn’t be more appropriate as my website for my assignment is created around the exact same topic!

Before starting placement my mentor gave me a rough rundown of what she has planned and when she mentioned the word families topic the students had been looking at I knew straight away that I could use my website as a test and IT WORKED!!!! During the morning English rotations today I set up the 4 computers in the classroom with my website opened ready to go with the students head phones connected. Each rotation group had the chance to access my website and engage with the content. They used the digital artefact easily and demonstrated the formative assessment item too! I felt relieved more than anything because when creating the website I was a little unsure if it was enough content for prep students to engage with and understand but from what I saw today and the demonstration of skills showed that I could have added more!

I have walked away from today with great satisfaction knowing the students in the room gained further knowledge through my creation and also that my learning through this course has been successful! WOOHOO!

Concept Map for Prac

5 days in and loving it! So far my prac has been wonderful and I am feeling comfortable and confident through my learning activities and teaching. Before starting Prac last week I created a new concept map which I have taken with me to remind myself of my thought process when I started placement. I am interested to see my concept map at the end of my placement and to see where it has led me through the 3 week journey 🙂


Preparing for Prac

Prac is coming up fast with only 6 days to go before I return to my placement and as this approaches I feel more at east about this placement as I am returning to a school I have previously been to. I enjoyed my time last year at this school and it is lovely to know that they are happy for me to return.

As it is school holidays at the moment and prac starts at the beginning of a new term, my mentor has emailed me a layout of her planning for the first 3 weeks giving me a heads up on what to expect and also so I can start my own planning on how and what I will implement including the use ICT as well.

The prep class will be working on a book each week as part of their English learning, so I have planned to utilize that as my initial starting point. I have created a few learning experiences with play based activities around the book and now I am researching how I can incorporate the use of ICT into these experiences. I wish to use the RAT model (Hughes, Thomas and Scharber, 2006) in order to amplify and transform the students learning and I believe my teaching methods will be modified with the use of the interactive whiteboard and computers to enable the students learning. The school I am returning to is fortunate enough to have their own computer lab where the students have access to the computers weekly which is something that I can keep in mind when using throughout my placement.

Time to start planning the next 3 weeks!

Hughes, J., Thomas, R., Scharber, C. (2006). Assessing Technology Integration: The RAT- Replacement, Amplification and Transformation Framework. Retrieved 6th August, 2017, from,

Assignment 1 feedback

After receiving my assignment 1 feedback and mark I am quite impressed with myself and proud that I was able to achieve what I believe to be a good mark. Going into assignment one I was uneasy and unsure if I was implementing ICT effectively for my chosen year level with the suggested learning experiences and also if I had correctly identified the constructing knowledge and transforming knowledge content descriptors.

Having this feedback has reassured me that I can do these assignments and that my constructing knowledge is developing and I am able to use transforming knowledge to get these assignments done!

Definitely feeling more at ease with ICT 🙂


The Joys of ICT

I now find myself frustrated and annoyed  that I didn’t back up my work like I usually do! I have just sat down to work on my assignment  but it seems that what I had worked on previously is now gone from my computer. I use a laptop which I save my work to and I also back up my work on a usb just in case technology wants to hate on me as it usually does. I have searched and searched and searched and I cannot find it anywhere!!! There is so much happening around me lately with working and studying plus having a 6 month old who is extremely distracting as she is so cute! I put it down to just forgetting to save my work no excuse but its happened. Before technology everything was done on paper as a hard copy. I know when I was in school all my work was hand written in my books and it was easy to find again. After what has just happened I think its now time I learnt how to use the cloud or another form of backup in case I forget to save my work on a usb. How secure is the cloud? Could I still loose my work even if I save it to an online source? Who has access to these documents and is it safe? Only one way to find out I guess as I cannot afford to fall behind anymore!

On a different note… kind of funny that I have lost my assignment for an ICT course while using ICT 😛


Screen time with children

My thought process at the moment has led me to ICT and screen time in the early years. I work in the early childhood profession and I follow the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines and through this framework of play based learning it does allow children to utilize and engage with ICT and I incorporate ICT tools where I can with the use of an interactive TV in my kindergarten room. With guidance from myself or another educator the children are able to utilize this TV for research on a topic using search engines, music and movement using you tube, paint and design programs and activities that I create for the children which are teacher initiated and planned e.g. name writing/ name tracing.

Majority of children in every household have access to a digital device either being a parents phone, computer or their own iPad. I take that into consideration at work when using the interactive TV as I know a lot of the children already have been using an IPad in the morning or they will be when they are home and I don’t believe that children should be using a screen for every aspect of their life. Don’t get me wrong the interactive TV works wonders when we are working on a project for example we explored Space. Search engines like google and you tube enabled us a group to research and understand Space and for the children to grasp the concepts around space differently. I truly believed that using the TV enabled them to learn those concepts more effectively as it was an alternative approach to learning which gained their interests.

My question though is how often should children be exposed to the use of ICT’s but mostly screen time? If children are effectively learning and achieving outcomes through the use of a digital device and screen time, would it be beneficial for them to constantly use it?